processed mechanically. Up to 100 times the amount of rock salt has to be recovered, to get to the kings’ salt, that is available to humans and animals now.

Regular salt licks consist of 99.9% sodium chloride with added minerals.
All kings’ salt salt licks contain many natural minerals like iron and magnesium as well as a wealth of trace minerals in a composition that can easily be absorbed by your horse’s body. Natural minerals in their pure state, unaltered and about 550 mio years old, this is what your animal needs.

Kings’ salt salt licks are made from pure crystalline salt and because of that they are free of the pollution you may find in today’s oceans. Of course these “royal” salt licks are food grade quality and can be stored indefinitely as long as they are kept dry.

This Nature salt is very hard, therefore the animals cannot take a bite out of it, something that is easily possible with pressed salt licks.

It has been observed that animals tend to go to the kings’ salt salt licks when given a choice. We deduct that animals still have a natural instinct that make them go to what is good for them.

All our salt licks are gathered and processed by hand. They may differ a bit in shape and color. After the licks have been dried they are wrapped one by one in foil and then boxed. Of course there is no child labour involved.

Kings’ salt salt licks have a high bio energetic energy. They are not manufactured by machines. They are the best quality salt you can find in their natural, unaltered state.

In comparison with industrially manufactured and pressed salt licks, the kings’ salt salt licks handle humidity much better. Pressed salt licks crumble fast.

Hunters’ tests showed that kings’ salt salt licks could be stored in the open up to 10% longer than commercial salt licks.
Kings’ salt salt licks have a hole drilled through and can be fastened with the cord we include in the shipping.