We offer an elegant, high-quality line of natural window treatments, These exquisite hand-woven blinds in various materials are the hard work of artisans, a trade that has been handed down from generation to generation. These blinds are the secret of keeping one’s home/workplace cool in the heat of summer by allowing soft light to filter through weaves of bamboo, reed and wood. Bamboo is clearly one of the world’s most highly renewable resources, each individual strip is carved out by hand and then woven intricately. The bamboo strips can be left in their natural color or dyed and a whole plethora of decoration that includes copper ornaments, decorative wood strips that are wool and or wire bound can be used. This lightweight material provides an elegant style of window treatment. many patterns can be woven in this material. Fabric inter weaved provides elegance to the blind. Wooden strips with intricate patterns cut into them are also hand crafted. Wooden strips bound either with wool or copper wire can be used to give a traditional look.