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Imported from the salt mines of Pakistan, this votive is creatd from natural salt rock and when accompanied by a tea light, produces a beautiful luminosity. Light the tea light and experience its beauty.

Natures Crystal Candle is a great gift idea, great for mood lighting and is safe.

The flame of the Tea light is protected by the shell of the natural salt rock votive.

Care: Due to hygroscopic ( moisture absorbing ) properties of the rock salt products they should not be used in damp rooms or outdoors. If they do get wet, lit up the lamp or the candle lit so that the warmth of the light dries them. Use only good quality smoke-less tea light candles so that the inside of the lamp does not get sooty.

Geometrical Shape Lamps
We supply oblisques, pyramids, square shape lamps made from natural Rock Salt. We also supply natural Rock Salt in various sizes and thickness.

Magical Healing Power of Salt

The surrounding environment relaxes a soul comparable to the relaxation achieved on a sea beach or on a hilly terrain.

Furthermore, the salt crystals have a positive effect on the being and existence of surrounding life forms. These have been used for many years in Europe for curing lung related disorders.

The red, white pink salt crystals are best for insomnia patients and produce a very relaxing effect and promote sleep.

These Lamps come in various sizes ranging from 2.5 Kilo to 60 Kilo, with variety of wooden bases.


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