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Crystal Deodorant - 100% Natural. 24hr Invisible Protection.

Natural Deodorant made of 100% Pure Minerals

Simply put, crystal deodorant is nature’s most powerful deodorant. And MineralProtect by Verdan is just that, a 100% natural crystal deodorant made from the highest quality odor fighting minerals. Sourced from the far corners of the World, Verdan carefully examines every product to ensure the purest mineral deodorant available.

Haz complete line of crystal deodorant and potassium alum products, including MineralProtect, use only natural ingredients validated and approved by ECOCERT. And while maintaining strict natural standards, the natural deodorant made of pure potassium alum crystal remains extremely effective, providing clinically proven 24 hour odor protection, with just one daily application.

Our simple, but yet powerful deodorant is an example of nature’s true strength. By combining the inherit odor preventing properties of potassium alum and expert craftsmanship, we offer a deodorant that is sustainable, effective and a pleasure to use. Read More.....



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